Mission & Values

Our Mission

To improve the productivity of small and medium-sized businesses in all sectors by helping them to embrace the Lean Operations philosophy.

Our Values


We believe that education is the primary benefit we deliver to our clients.  Analysis and problem-solving are important, but education is the lasting legacy of our work, enabling our clients to continue to improve their business long after our assignment is complete.


We strive for excellence in our provision of services.  We will ask our clients for feedback to continually improve the quality of our services.

We work hard at increasing our knowledge and understanding of our field.

We will ensure that we fully understand our client’s situation and problems before suggesting solutions, and will recommend other consultants if we believe they are better able to deliver what is needed.


We will maintain open, honest and ethical relationships with clients at all times.

We will only offer services which add value to our client and which we are confident that we can deliver.

We will respect our clients’ confidentiality, intellectual property and data..

We will not waste our clients’ time and trust that our clients will have reciprocal values.