Sherpa believes consultancy and training to be inextricably linked. We will supply high-quality tailored training materials to support our work with you. We also offer standalone training in the following areas:

  •   Lean Operations & Management
  •   Process & Value Stream Mapping
  •   Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
  •   5S - Efficient Workplace Organisation
  •   Theory of Constraints
  •   Creativity & Visualisation Techniques

We will gladly develop training courses for you in any of our areas of interest. Please contact us with your requirements.

Example: Lean Operations Training at Gulfstream Aerospace Ltd

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation is the business jet division of General Dynamics. Gulfstream Aerospace Ltd, based at London Luton Airport, provides service and support to Gulfstream's customers in Europe. Sherpa Consulting provides lean operations training to Gulfstream's 120 UK employees along with lean consultancy support to Gulfstream as they continue their quest to achieve ever higher standards of operational excellence.

©2013 Paul Bowen

Photo by Andreas Praefcke, via Wikimedia Commons

Example: Lean Operations & Process Mapping at St John's College, Cambridge

Sherpa Consulting has provided an introductory course in lean operations and process mapping to the Catering and Conference department at St John's College.

The course was very good and have had nothing but positives about it and also about the way it was delivered.  Really made everyone sit up and think and I will get them all to do a project  in  their own area.

W.A. Brogan, Catering & Conference Manager